To look like an alien: The French have their fingers amputated – and now they have a claw

He wants to become a “black alien” – a black alien. Anthony Loffredos has already achieved this quite well. His body is adorned with many black tattoos, the eyeballs are tattooed (despite the risk of going blind), his upper lip and tip of his nose are cut off, his tongue is split and tattooed green.

Now he has had something new done: he had the little finger and ring finger amputated on his left hand. Sounds like a lot of ouch and the question: Why did he do it? Simple answer: He doesn’t envision an alien with a human hand, reports The US Sun.

So: finger off – steal there!

Anthony didn’t want to look like the one on the leftPhoto: instagram / the_black_alien_project

The 33-year-old Frenchman proudly posts the photo of his newly operated hand on his Instagram account. “I develop my inner peace,” he writes.

Despite all of his interventions, the alien lover only feels 34 percent close to his goal. What still belongs to it, what is still missing and when the transformation is complete – he is guaranteed to post it.


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