To avoid wild parties this summer, around fifteen mayors are asking for the reopening of nightclubs

Controlling celebrations rather than banning them knowing full well that there will be some anyway, this is the bet that some fifteen mayors of the French coasts wish to make. In a column published in “le Parisien”, Sunday May 16, at the initiative of the LR mayor of La Baule-Escoublac Franck Louvrier and Jean-Roch Pedri, founder of the VIP Room group in Saint-Tropez, the mayors of Biarritz, Royan, Saint-Tropez, Hyères and even Deauville are calling for the reopening of nightclubs on June 30.

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For the moment, the government has given no prospect of these establishments, which have been closed for fourteen months. Alain Griset, the Minister for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) only confirmed on BFM Business, then Europe 1, that nightclubs would be set “Before June 15th”.

Mayors fear “anarchy” on their beaches

Leaving these establishments closed would be a mistake, according to the mayors who signed the platform, who fear that “Without alternative routes, wild and disorganized parties will inevitably appear”.

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“I do not have the means to secure the 9 km of beach where young people will want to party by the water, with the dangers that this entails”, worries Franck Louvrier. According to him, the police sent each summer to reinforce the seaside resorts will not be enough to ensure safety, explains “the Parisian”.

LR mayor of Biarritz, Maider Arosteguy, fears to relive the same “Anarchy” than last year, “If the discos remain closed”. She had been forced to prevent access to the Grande Plage from 10 p.m., to prevent thousands of young people from partying there, in defiance of sanitary rules.

An opening thanks to the sanitary pass?

Added to this risk of wild parties is the economic distress of the nightlife sector. “For more than a year, the discotheques have not reopened once and have seen their financial situation deteriorate critically”, deplore the signatories of the forum, who quote the figures of the National Union of Discotheques and Leisure Places (SNDLL):

“413 nightclubs are in the process of disappearing definitively : this figure represents one in four nightclubs… ”

It is for this reason that the president of the centrist group of the Senate Hervé Marseille tabled an amendment to the bill to manage the exit from the health crisis, in favor of the reopening of discos thanks to the health pass, according to Public Senate.

Of course, nightclubs are judged to be particularly at risk, those “Where we take off the mask, where there is proximity, where we sing, where we dance”, described this Monday morning on Franceinfo Anne-Claude Crémieux, professor specializing in infectious diseases at Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris.

“It is absolutely legitimate and it is understandable for the population that the places most at risk are opened last”, she estimated. However, it was rather favorable to the idea of ​​a health pass conditioning their reopening. One way, according to her, “To be able to open more quickly by selecting people who will go to places more at risk”.

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