Tips: Your WhatsApp account will remain absolutely safe, just have to change these settings

Instant messaging app WhatsApp The world is very popular including India. This app remains everyone’s choice for its excellent features and service. WhatsApp being the most popular messaging app in India means that any user having your phone number can see your profile photo, status and can add you to any group. Today we are telling you some basic WhatsApp tips, through which you can maintain your privacy. They should not be shared with anyone.

Who can add to group
Privacy settings of WhatsApp gives users the option to choose who can add them to the WhatsApp group. There are three options in the app, which allow either to add someone to a group or for a saved contact list and a pertinent contact list.

Who can see the status
WhatsApp users can select which contacts can see their WhatsApp status. The status privacy feature can be accessed from the Settings section of the app, and here users can choose to display their status in a particular contact list or limit it to only saved contacts.

Last scene
The Last Scene Privacy setting allows users to hide their last scene from others online. Under Settings, they can hide their last scene completely or set it to My Contact.

Profile photo
Like other options, WhatsApp users also get the option to hide it completely or just limit it to My Contact.

There are three options under the About section. Users can either choose to show it to everyone, hide it completely or limit it to only My Contact.

Finger screen lock
WhatsApp users on Android can set fingerprint lock, while new iPhone users have the option of using Face ID or Touch ID in the case of the iPhone’s physical screen button.

Block contact
WhatsApp users have the option to block a particular contact or phone number to stop receiving messages or accessing your profile information. This option is available on both settings options as well as individual chat.

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