Tips to keep cockroaches out of the house

When cockroaches crawl into your home, they are looking for food, water, and shelter.

Cockroaches often “hide” in kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, behind refrigerators, attics … places that can support their basic needs. In addition, they especially love cardboard boxes, electronic items, where space is tight and warm.

The shell that protects cockroach eggs is called Ootheca, which contains a certain number of pupae. For example, the German cockroach (small, long-bodied cockroach) can contain up to 90 pupae per Ootheca. German cockroaches carry eggs on their abdomens. A few hours before the eggs hatch, they will “send” the eggs to a safe place, for example in your kitchen.

Based on the growth characteristics of cockroaches, Charlie Jones, executive vice president of operations for the pest extermination services company Arrow Exterminators (USA), said that it is important to improve overall hygiene conditions. body of your house, then you should use traps. It is recommended to use a vacuum with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter to clean areas where cockroaches often appear and traps in areas where cockroaches like to live.

What to do to prevent cockroaches from entering the house.

Limit food sources such as bird feed, pet food, leftovers, and pet feces. Avoid leaving dishes in the sink, don’t leave food out for too long.

– Remove clutter such as newspapers, rotten wooden slats… from the house. Free up drawers for trinkets, rarely used. Seal the slots, grooves… can be the way for cockroaches to penetrate.

– Prune trees, clear bushes around the house, create conditions for better air flow and sunlight.

– Use cockroach repellent products: ultrasonic cockroach repellent, insect trap, cockroach repellent pill, anti-cockroach spray, glue…

– Make your own cockroach killer with boric acid.

One home remedy that you can make yourself is to mix boric acid, flour, and sugar. Sprinkle this powder where cockroaches often appear. They will eat the flour because they are attracted to the sugar, then they will die from the boric acid. You can ask to buy this acid powder at specialized stores.

You can also sprinkle baking soda with a few slices of onion, a little salt on the places where cockroaches often run, roaches eat and die.

According to Scot Hodges, vice president of technical services for Arrow Exterminators, there is no single solution that can completely eliminate cockroaches from a home, but a combination of several types is needed to help solve the problem.

Thuy Linh (According to Housebeautiful)


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