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Children get enough sleep, eat nuts, eggs, participate in challenging games that can improve memory and increase concentration.

Memory plays an important role in promoting children’s learning, growth and development. Children with poor memory or difficulty in school, lack of confidence. Follow E TimesHere are some tips that can help parents improve their children’s memory and concentration.

Sleep a lot

Children should sleep about 8-10 hours a day. Plenty of sleep helps your baby consolidate and strengthen his memory. Adults need to establish a regular sleep routine for children, sleep at the right time, and get enough sleep to wake up healthy the next day.

Naps are also important, especially for preschoolers. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) showed that children’s ability to recall cartoon images seen in the morning improved by 10% after napping.

Getting plenty of sleep is good for the brain. Image: Freepik

Play game

Interesting challenges in games can help children train their memory muscles, increase their ability to recall and remember things and information. Games can be homemade games, family games or online games.

In addition, going through a variety of games is an opportunity for children to create their own way of handling situations. Parents should encourage curiosity and help children get excited about learning new things in games, it is an indirect way for children to be more curious about the lesson at school.

Eat eggs

The brain is made up of fats like omega-3 fatty acids and DHA. These substances are found in egg yolks, salmon. These foods help build brain, nerve cells, enhance one’s learning and memory. Eggs are also high in protein, rich in vitamins D, B6 and B12. Eggs are easy to cook, can be processed in a variety of ways.

Eggs, nuts are good for children's brains.  Photo: Freepik

Eggs, nuts are good for children’s brains. Image: Freepik

Eat more vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K, antioxidants, minerals, fiber. Vitamins such as A, B, C, E and K play an important role in the brain development and overall health of the child. Vegetables such as spinach, coriander leaves, mint leaves, cabbage leaves, lettuce, beetroot leaves… are beneficial for children’s brain development. Parents should let children consume it every day, use it as a beverage.

Increase your intake of nuts

Nuts in the child’s diet, help provide energy, help promote the brain. Walnuts resemble the shape of the brain and help boost memory by providing omega-3 fatty acids.

Follow E Times, using almonds for 28 days can significantly improve memory retention. Other healthy nuts including peanuts, chestnuts, and cashews are also packed with nutrients and healthy fats that are good for the brain. Other seeds such as pumpkin, chia seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds have anti-inflammatory effects that help improve the cognitive development of children.

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