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Snails are aquatic species that live in ponds, lakes, canals, along fields, etc., so they contain a lot of mud, impurities with parasites. Therefore, it is necessary to clean before preparing dishes.

A few tips for preparing snails to get rid of the slimy mud to make snail dishes more perfect.

1. Soak the snails in a metal bowl, pot or spoon

The simplest way is to soak it in a metal bowl or put an iron knife and iron spoon in it for 2-3 hours. Because metals are reducing agents, when meeting water, they reduce H2O to hydrogen, reducing the amount of oxygen in water. So make the snail open its mouth to breathe, and at the same time release the slimy mud out. After that, wash it several times to clean it and then prepare the dish.

2. Soak snails with rice water or flour

This is a folk trick used by many people to clean snails. After buying, wash and soak the snails in water to wash rice for about 2-3 hours. At this time, snails can smell food, open their mouths, and wave their antennae, so the slimy mud also follows out, clumping in patches on the bottom of the pot. In addition, rice water helps to make snails more fragrant. If there is no water to wash the rice, adding a little flour mixed in the water to soak the snails also helps to clean the snails.

3. Soak snails with chili

According to traditional medicine, chili has a spicy, hot taste, so people “addicted” to snails often soak snails with sliced ​​fresh chili to stimulate snails to open their mouths and release impurities quickly. To deodorize the mud, soak a few slices of fresh lemon or a little vinegar in it. After 2 hours, clean and process many delicious dishes such as boiled snails, snail rolls, snail hotpot…

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4. Kitchen snails, soak eggs, milk

In the old days of Northern cuisine, especially Hanoi, it was quite picky in preliminary processing of snails.

The stuffed snails bought back are washed, drained and put in a basket hanging on the kitchen rig, the more smoke the better. The smoke and heat dry the snails to prevent flies from entering and make the snails more fragrant. During this time, sometimes for weeks, snails just sleep, not die. Every few days, bring them down to soak in water to wash thick rice and then continue to hang up the smoked kitchen. Just like that, the snail becomes clean, no smell of mud. Finally, lower the snail and put its mouth on the deep copper plate, break the egg to smoke.

People in the West also have a similar dish of snails in the kitchen, only favored on important occasions. Snails also kept the kitchen for a whole month, then brought them down to eat fresh milk and eggs. This type of snail is used to process many delicious, popular and favorite dishes, the most favorite dish is steamed snails with lemongrass dipped in rice – a characteristic of the river here.

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