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A few tips below can help you prepare fish dishes faster and more attractive:

Time to cook fish dishes: In medium heat, 1 cm of fish takes about 4 minutes to cook. Therefore, estimate the thickness of the fish at the thickest part and you will know how long you need to make this dish.

– Want the braised fish to be firm and fragrant, Marinate the fish with spices for about 2 hours, then put it on the stove to boil over high heat, then lower the fire until the water runs out.

– To clean fish oil, you can use 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar sprinkled all over the fish. After about 1 minute, the oil will turn white and you just need to shave it off.

– Frozen fish can be fresh again thanks to cow’s milk. OLDIf you keep it in the fridge, when you cook the soup, add some cow’s milk, the fish will taste like fresh fish.

– Use fish stock beer both save time and eliminate the fishy smell, making the fish smell better.

– When steaming fish, if you put a piece of chicken fat On the fish, the fish meat will be greasy, much more delicious.

– If you make fish but unfortunately break the honey, You can use alcohol to rub the sticky fish bile for a while, then wash it with clean water, the bitterness of the fish bile will disappear.

– Want to scale fish quickly: When making fish, you first put the fish in cold water to soak for about 2 hours and then pour in a little vinegar to water, when beating, the fish scales will come apart easily.

– To fry the fish without sticking to the pan: before frying, you should wash the pan clean, put it on the stove to heat, use a slice of fresh ginger to rub on the surface of the pan, then add oil to fry.

In addition, you can apply the way: Clean the fish and drain it. Before frying, roll the fish in a dish of soy sauce, then let the fish dry, then heat the oil and drop the fish into the pan.

– Want to make catfish not fishy: When dissecting, you remember to peel off all the sticky black film in the abdominal cavity of the fish, wash it, cut it, and then soak it in water to wash the thick rice for about 10 minutes. Then take it out, wash it with salt water, then fry it, cook it…

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