Tips for decorating an apartment with neutral colors

Neutral colors never go out of style, and are easy to combine with any interior style.

Neutral colors are not flashy, fussy, nor do they compete with other colors. A home with a dominant neutral tone is always a safe choice.

The most used neutral tones in interior design are white, gray and beige. The following tips will help you decorate a harmonious neutral space in a simple and inexpensive way.

An apartment with gentle neutral colors in Korea. Photo: Lazy Mansion.


Neutral tones make the space brighter and more spacious. You should use objects with elegant colors, light bulbs with soft light to harmoniously combine with the apartment. If used effectively, these colors will bring a sense of peace to the space, limiting stress for the homeowner.

Contrasting shades

Consider furniture with contrasting colors to create more accents for the apartment to be less monotonous. With a neutral bedroom, you can add objects of different colors to create balance and avoid the cold feeling of the space. For the living room, furniture with natural wood materials, or paintings with black frames are all ways you can use them to decorate.

You can also mix colors based on your preferences. For example, yellow helps you to improve concentration. Orange brings creative inspiration, warmth. Red is quite prominent, so it should be used with caution for small details. Pink stimulates the senses. Blue makes people relax…

Decorate the wall

Wallpaper or decals are effective in personalizing the style on your walls. Not only widely used in children’s rooms, stickers can be applied in several areas of the house, or a separate wall of a room. The advantage of houses with neutral tones is that homeowners are free to choose decorative wall decals without the “collisions” situation.

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