Tips for combining clothes and accessories

A few suggestions for dressing up with accessories can turn women into personal stylists and take the outfit you’re wearing to the next level.

1. Choose a belt

Petite women should choose monochromatic belts. Ultra-thin belts go well with tops or bottoms of the same color but will get lost in the textures.

Wide belts are suitable for tall and sporty women or use to harmonize different textures on clothes. Also can Go well with overalls and skirts, tie around the waist of a sweater or jacket, highlighting your figure.

2. Choose shoes according to the skirt line

The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel is the golden rule. A mini skirt combined with ballet shoes, loafers, or nice sneakers can make you look stylish.

Don’t be afraid to show up High shoes with midi skirt and maxi skirt.

If you can’t resist pairing heels with a mini skirt, add a pair of tights, which will make the overall look more stylish.

3. Jewelry or scarves to divert attention on the body

If you like to wear a slim-fit dress but your body is a bit “fat”, you can wear a colorful scarf or oversized jewelry to draw attention to your face. You can also invest in some shaping clothes to make your figure slimmer. Avoid tight dresses with patterns at the waist if you don’t want others to notice your butt.

4. Balance the accessories

When adding a scarf, avoid overcomplicating it by incorporating too many jewels. To avoid this mistake, you can follow the rule of scarf, necklace or scarf and earrings.

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5. Change the purpose of the scarf

The ways to use a scarf to style an outfit are almost endless. You can use it to refresh an old handbag, make a headband, decorate a hat, or even wear it in place of a belt.

6. Don’t choose an oversized bag if you want to look taller

Short women should choose a bag of medium or small size with short or medium length straps. Oversized bags make you look shorter.

Tall women should avoid boxy bags. Round, smooth, easy to change shape shoulder bag is a better choice.

Overweight girls should choose medium-sized bags instead of very small or too large bags. Small purses or clutches are a great choice.

7. Avoid matching the color of the shoes with the bag

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a black handbag with black shoes, if you’re trying to accent your outfit with color, it’s better to combine color matching handbag with earrings, coat…

8. Arranging bracelets

Wearing bulky items on the wrists can distract attention from the overall outfit, even looking sloppy. Follow the color scheme so that the jewelry and clothing look harmonious.

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9. Choose a hat that matches your outfit

You are usually more attractive wearing a hat. Think about your face-to-body proportions before you put on extra hats. The golden rule is that the brim should not be wider than your shoulders.

If your face is round, a shallower crow-shaped hat on top will add sharp lines. You should choose a felt hat, beret or hat with an angled edge.

Women with square faces should choose larger hats without rough lines to soften the face. Choose a hat with a round brim, cap, beret, or beanie.

If your face is long, skip the beanie with a soft brim, avoid wearing it too deep on your head. Instead, choose hats that cut across the forehead, hats with crowns, and wide-brimmed hats.

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