Tips for buying furniture online

Nowadays, you can buy everything online, including furniture. This is convenient but also fraught with risks.

To limit the “accidents” when buying furniture online, please note the following.

Sample table preview

Photos taken are easily affected by light and layout, so it is difficult to accurately represent the color, surface, and texture of the product. To be sure of the item you’re considering, you can ask the seller to send you a sample sheet of the material, whether it’s fabric or brick or stone. Usually, furniture stores have these samples, even if they don’t mention it on the website. When previewing the material sample table, the homeowner will imagine what the material will be like when entering his or her space.

Avoid materials that are easily damaged

Do not order colorful, shiny, shiny polyester items because their quality is often not high. Instead, prioritize things made of textured or woven fabrics.

Measure carefully

When ordering furniture online, homeowners need to measure the size of the space where they plan to display the item they are about to buy and compare it with the height and depth of the item to see if it fits. Note, don’t just measure once, measure twice.

Homeowners should also check the size of doors, elevators, and hallways to ensure that furniture can be moved into the house.

Previewing material samples and careful measurements are two important things when buying furniture online. Photo: New York Times

Read reviews

Before deciding to buy, do not forget to read the reviews of other customers because this information is often reliable, helping you to verify the quality of the product. You can also look up information about furniture stores on reputable websites or social networks.

Research return policy

Make sure you understand the return policy before placing an order so that you can return it to the store when the item is of poor quality or different from the advertised image. Note, some stores will ask customers to pay the shipping fee when returning items.

Check the price

If the item you’re looking to buy is sold in multiple stores, check which one has the best price. You can also use the image search trick to see more places that sell the item but have a different name.


You don’t have to decorate the whole house in one day. Not to mention, sitting in front of the screen for many hours negatively affects the body, making you tired and easy to make wrong decisions. Best, please search slowly so that you won’t regret after buying.

Thu Nguyet (Follow Apartment Therapy)


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