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Use a cooling foam pillow, choose a bed sheet made of linen, place a fan in front of a bowl of ice water, etc. to cool down the room, cool the body, and sleep better.

Cool weather promotes natural sleep, making it easier for people to sleep better. However, in the summer, the hot weather, without air conditioning, makes it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep. According to the American Sleep Foundation, taking these simple steps can reduce body heat and improve sleep quality on hot days.

Cooling foam pillow

The hypothalamus in the brain is responsible for sensing and managing body temperature. Therefore, you should try to keep the head and neck area cool. Cooling foam pillows will help you lower this area and feel more comfortable. Foam pillows also create softness and comfort for users.

Bed sheet made of cool fabric

When it is hot, indoors without air conditioning, using bed sheets made from fabrics such as polyester, wool, some cotton can increase perspiration even more. A bed sheet from an airy material such as linen is a suggestion. Natural materials like linen also help absorb sweat better.

Cool pillows and sheets help you sleep better. Image: Freepik

Keep water by the bed to drink enough water

Dehydration makes it difficult to regulate body temperature. If you feel uncomfortable due to the heat, a few sips of water help to release the stored heat in the body and make you feel more comfortable. On summer nights, you should keep a pitcher of cold water and a glass on the bedside table for easy drinking to cool down. You add a few ice cubes to the jar to keep it cold for a longer time.

Put the fan in front of the ice bucket

Many people often think that a standing fan will have little effect. However, according to Insider If using a standing fan correctly, it will bring many benefits to sleep. You can place a standing fan in front of a bucket of water filled with ice. When the ice melts, the fan’s breeze will dissipate the steam, giving you a cool, pleasant feeling. Placing the fan facing the outside helps to blow hot air out of the stuffy room.

As the outdoor temperature drops overnight, the warm air is displaced and replaced by cooler air. You should open the window to help cool air flow into the room.

Turn off the lights and limit the use of electronic devices

Incandescent bulbs are a common light source, but they can make a room hotter. You can swap out the incandescents with LEDs or compact fluorescents because both generate less heat. When not necessary, turn off the lights to reduce the light source, limit the use of electronic devices. Connecting connected electronic equipment to a power source also generates heat, so you should turn it off and unplug it.

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