Tips: Do not make these mistakes even by forgetting while charging the smartphone, you may have to bear heavy losses

A large part of our day passes with smartphones, because that is where all the work has started. Due to excessive usage, the battery of smartphones also runs out quickly and it has to be charged again and again. But charging the smartphone in some wrong way also causes a lot of damage to the battery. These things should be taken care of while charging the battery.

Do not leave the phone charging at night
Some people have a habit of leaving the phone on charging for a long time. But they cannot steam the danger hidden behind it. Let us know that leaving the phone on charging can cause the battery to overcharge and explode. Also, the performance of the phone is also affected.

say goodbye to fake chargers
First of all, it is important to know that companies make a special charger for every phone, regardless of which company it is. Many times it is seen that people charge the phone with any charger instead of its original charger and if you do the same then be careful. Because it damages both your battery and phone.

charge the phone by taking off the cover
If the phone is expensive then its protection will also be strong. There should be. But it is seen many times that people put the phone in charge along with the protective case. If so, the battery may explode. While charging the phone, keep in mind that the protective case of your phone is removed.

Do not use phone while charging with power bank
Many times due to less time, people use power bank to charge the phone and people keep using the phone even during charging. Let us tell you that the performance of this smartphone damages the battery display simultaneously. If you do this too, then change your habit immediately.

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