Tinder: Woman dates adulterers – and whistles about them with their wives

Is she fighting for the good or is she fighting for her fame?

A Canadian woman claims to be looking for married men on Tinder and then whistling about them to their wives. Sarah Beaudet (23) telling this story could have something to do with promoting her own business.

As reported by “Daily Star”, the hobby detective has already exposed five unfaithful guys. Sarah Beaudet’s motivation: to protect women because their health and safety are threatened.

The reactions of the women contacted were different. “They were often shocked, but grateful. On rare occasions they were angry with me, but I know that this is just inappropriate anger, ”so Sarah Beaudet.

She was particularly shocked by a womanizer. “The worst guy was a man who cheated on his disabled wife.” He didn’t even make a secret of that on his Tinder profile. It said: “Married looking for a woman who wants a deceitful husband. I work and I have a car. My wife is disabled – and I don’t get what I need. “

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Sarah Beaudet claims to have written to the horned woman and sent her a screenshot of her chat. The betrayed answer: “Oh my god, this is Chris. I honestly don’t know what to say. I can’t believe that, thank you! “

The fact that behind the Tinder-verpfeif number could also be your own interests cannot be denied. The 23-year-old is with OnlyFans. On the portal women offer erotic to pornographic pictures and videos, fans can watch them for money.

Since Sarah Beaudet’s customers certainly include some married and committed men, she is often referred to as a hypocrite.

The Canadian replies to critics: “In my opinion, there is a difference between online fantasies and the active search for a physical relationship while betraying your partner.”


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