Tiktok sent emotional tweet on the occasion of Diwali, wrote- ‘We miss you India’

In India, once again the discussions of short video app Ticketock are gaining momentum. It is being said that the company can make a comeback soon. However, nothing is clear about this yet. Meanwhile, Tick-Talk India made a sentimental tweet on Saturday, greeting people on the occasion of Diwali. In this, the company has also expressed its love towards its users. The users of Tittock hope that their favorite app can return soon.

What did Tittock India tweet

Even though the TITTOCK app was banned for many months in India, the company is still very active on Twitter. She keeps up the morale of her loved ones by tweeting many every day. On the occasion of Diwali, Tittock wrote to the users wishing for the festival, “We have lit a lamp for every single day, when we have remembered India.” Along with this, many lamps have also been tweeted.

Significantly, on 29 June, the Central Government had banned 59 Chinese apps, including TicTock, citing national security. TikTalk was India’s most popular short video app before it was banned. Tittock is still trying to make a comeback in India. There is also a possibility of this app coming back to India.


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