Tiger King: US Justice Seized Lions and Tigers from Jeffrey Lowe

Hopefully the animals will be better off now!

A big cat in the then Jeffrey Lowe zooPhoto: Sue Ogrocki / AP

The US judiciary has seized 68 lions, tigers and other big cats from the private zoo director Jeffrey Lowe. Lowe was best known for the Netflix series “Tiger King”.

During three inspections in the park by Jeffrey and Lauren Lowe in the state of Oklahoma, serious deficiencies in relation to the health and welfare of the animals were repeatedly found, the Justice Department said on Thursday (local time).

The Lowes have resisted a court order requiring them to employ a qualified veterinarian to ensure adequate care, the ministry said. During the inspections, they had already received reminders because of the lack of veterinary care, inadequate nutrition and the size of the cages, it said.

A judge had ruled in January that Lowe must hand over the majority of his big cat babies and their mothers to the responsible authorities, who would then house them appropriately. The animals that have now been seized also included crossbreeds of lions and tigers and a jaguar. The Ministry of Justice takes evidence of offenses against protected animals that have grown in captivity very seriously, it said.

Joe Exotic is now in jail

Joe Exotic is now in jailPhoto: AP

Lowe is one of the tragically shimmering characters from the reality show “Tiger King”. He had taken over the private zoo from his former business partner Joe Exotic. Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison for allegedly hiring a murderer to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

Animal rights activist Carole Baskin criticized the private zoos run by Joe Exotic and Lowe

Animal rights activist Carole Baskin criticized the private zoos run by Joe Exotic and LowePhoto: AP

The Netflix series featured several owners of private zoos in the USA who breed and keep tigers and lions under questionable conditions.


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