Tien Minh flew to the top to save the bridge, losing to his 1m86-tall junior in the final

(Sports news, badminton news) Despite the spectacular rescue flights, Nguyen Tien Minh still had to succumb to his youth and the powerful smashes of the 1m86-height junior Le Duc Phat in the final match. country 2021.

The final match of the National Individual Badminton Championship 2021 taking place on the evening of December 4 at the Bac Giang Provincial Gymnasium is a very awaited competition between the defending champion Nguyen Tien Minh (HCMC) and the defending champion. The brightest talent of the Vietnamese badminton village Le Duc Phat (Military).

Tien Minh shows his class with remarkable saves and endurance

With a very good physique and a height of up to 1m86, Duc Phat continuously launched hits like “a hammer” when Tien Minh had to defend extremely hard. The 23-year-old quickly gained the upper hand to lead 5-1.

With a lot of experience in the match, Tien Minh calmly deployed the situation of dispatching to go all over the field, especially the very good quick handling phases that caused Duc Phat to constantly make mistakes to gradually shorten the gap to 9- 11. Tien Minh’s high-precision durable bridge play helped him equalize the score 14-14.

In a very tight match, powerful smashes helped Duc Phat to win 21-19 in the first set.

At the beginning of the second half, the match was interrupted a bit with an injury to Duc Phat’s finger. After the match continued, if Tien Minh remained stable, Duc Phat continuously failed, thereby Tien Minh led 7-2.

Tien Minh flew to the top to save the bridge, losing to his 1m86-high junior in the final - 3

The national championship in 2021 calls the name of the 1m86-tall player Le Duc Phat with his smashes like “hammer”

Besides, Duc Phat’s strong smashes could not be promoted when Tien Minh showed his class with top-notch rescue flights that surprised the opponent. The 38-year-old general gradually widened the gap to win 21-10 and level the score 1-1.

In the decisive set, Duc Phat showed a completely different face with explosive attack situations to lead 7-2, then 11-5. Duc Phat’s proactive attacks with extremely high accuracy helped this player deepen the gap to 20-13.

But the drama didn’t stop there, despite facing up to 7 championship points, Tien Minh played extremely well to shorten the gap to 19-20, including durable hitting situations that made the 23-year-old man. must breathe.

However, in the decisive demand curve, Duc Phat scored to win 21-19. This is a controversial situation when Tien Minh actively did not support the bridge after Duc Phat’s shot because he thought the bridge had gone out, but the referee judged that the bridge was still in the field.

Tien Minh flew to the top to save the bridge, losing to his 1m86-high junior in the final - 4

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This is Le Duc Phat’s historic victory when for the first time in his career, the 23-year-old player won against Nguyen Tien Minh in an official match. Before that, the 1m86-tall tennis player surpassed the famous man in the final at a movement tournament in Ho Chi Minh City at the end of 2020.

In particular, this is also Duc Phat’s first gold medal at the national individual badminton championship. On his personal page, Tien Minh has many times dedicated good words to Le Duc Phat and affirmed that Vietnamese badminton has had a worthy successor after Tien Minh’s time.

In the men’s singles, Tien Minh’s wife Vu Thi Trang also did not have the joy of winning when she lost to Nguyen Thuy Linh in the final. Thuy Linh showed great progress after returning from the Tokyo 2021 Olympics by completely overwhelming her seniors, winning 2-0 with the scores 21-7 and 21-15 to win the title.

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