Ticket control got out of hand – Here a victim is sitting in the dock

Munich – the shocking bodycam video of the federal police lasts 8 minutes, 49 seconds. It is the testimony to a mission that got completely out of hand!

In the end, an officer brutally wrestles François B. (54) to the ground and kneels on the man’s head and neck for more than six minutes. B. calls for help 32 times. The recordings were first published by “Focus Online”, reminiscent of the gruesome scenes during the death of the black American George Floyd († 46) in May 2020.


The “Focus” published the recordings that the body cam of a federal police woman made on February 12, 2020Photo: FOCUS Online

And yet: in the end, it is François B. who is on trial as the defendant. The Munich District Court has now sentenced him to a fine of 2,700 euros. Judge Alexander Fichtl imposed 90 daily rates of 30 euros each for assaulting law enforcement officers, insulting, damage to property and bodily harm.

What exactly happened

On February 12, 2020, François B. was checked in the S-Bahn in Munich. Despite a valid ticket, he was summoned from the train at the Isartor stop. There is a dispute, B. is said to have insulted the inspectors. One of the men is said to have punched François B. in the stomach.

Ticket control got out of hand: Here is a victim sitting in the dock
Photo: BILD

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When the officers called to arrive at the S-Bahn platform, B. refuses to show the police officers his ID. They wrestle him to the ground.

The inspectors considered the S-Bahn ticket to be invalid because of a written note on it

The inspectors considered the S-Bahn ticket to be invalid because of a written note on itPhoto: FOCUS Online

Nevertheless, the US citizen is charged with punching a federal police officer in the face and biting her finger. Lawyer David Mühlberger: “My client was full of panic and was afraid for his life. He resisted. ”And:“ He should never have been in the dock. Because the situation begins with bodily harm against him. “The lawyer appealed:” Our goal is an acquittal! “

The controller who is said to have beaten B. is now being investigated. It is still unclear whether proceedings will also be initiated against the police officer.


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