Thuringia’s motocross star – Roczen wanted to quit

Ken Roczen (26) is a superstar. Few people in Europe know him. The motocross pro earns millions in the USA. Is known and loved there. Now Roczen could win the last title he still lacks in the Supercross Championship.

BILD: How are things going this year?

Roczen: “It’s going well for me at the moment. I am focused. Now in the spring, especially here in Florida, I have problems with pollen count. I’ve had asthma for a year and a half. That makes it extremely difficult for me sometimes. ”

BILD: How did that come about?

Roczen: “I can not say exactly. At that time I apparently had a cold. But I didn’t know that a cold lay on my lungs like that. In retrospect, I wonder if that wasn’t Covid-19. My lungs never regenerated properly afterwards. ”

BILD: Nevertheless everything fits this year.

Roczen: I did a lot of mental training. The last two years have made me pretty exhausted. I get up every day and my body has not been able to give me back its own ambition. You are questioning everything. Last year I was on the verge of quitting completely. ”

IMAGE: You had an infection last year.

Roczen: “We found out after the race in Utah that I had a blood infection. My blood was completely infected. The blood cells had also changed in shape. 100 infected cells opposed only two healthy cells. ”

BILD: You became a father for the first time at this time.

Roczen: “I was able to focus on the pregnancy with Courtney. I also experienced the first few months with the little one more intensively. ”

BILD: A return to Germany is out of the question?

Roczen: “I haven’t lost anything in Germany. I miss Germany and would like to be there more often, but because of my career, that is not possible. And not at all with Corona. My parents have not yet seen their grandson. “


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