Thuringia: Friederike (13) walks a 200 kilo ox every day

Nordhausen – “Anyone can go for a walk with the dog,” says Friederike Jungermann (13) from Bleicherode in Thuringia.


Every day, the student puts her Tabaluga (1) on a leash and sets off on the up to four-kilometer-long ox tour. Because Tabaluga is a 200 kilo ox!

Friederike and Tabaluga have been inseparable for years

Photo: Silvio Dietzel

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Thuringia’s most unusual friendship: Friederike and her Tabaluga

Photo: Silvio Dietzel

How did Friederike get this unusual pet? Her parents have a dairy farm. The girl was already there when Tabaluga was born – and was completely carried away by the then sweet little calf. Now the ox is fully grown, but the two remain inseparable. On their rounds they go through the town, on Sundays they also go to the gas station to get a sandwich.

She cleans and feeds Tabaluga before each tour, and every now and then it is loaded onto the van. Then they drive into the countryside or into the forest.

Ox as a therapy animal for children

▶ ︎ “When we go for a walk, people look curiously, want to stroke my tabi and take photos,” continues Friederike. The ox remains very calm. He is so patient that he is now even used as a therapy animal for children.

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At Christmas the ox is dressed up in a special way

Photo: private

Then Friederike is particularly proud of her tabi. Her own goal for the future: “I want to study agriculture and later take over my parents’ farm.” Hopefully Tabaluga will then still be by her side.


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