Thuringia: Corona demo riot

In Hildburghausen (Thuringia) of all places!

In the evening around 70 people demonstrated against the Corona measures, disregarding all the rules.

The police stepped in because gatherings with up to 35 people are currently only allowed. Neither masks were worn and no distances were observed. When the group broke up, there were arguments, scuffles and the use of pepper spray. The officers arrested several people.

Mayor Tilo Kummer (left) was shocked because of the aggressiveness. District Administrator Thomas Müller (CDU): “It’s shameful and incomprehensible to me.” In the district, the 7-day incidence has already climbed to 1,385.3 new infections. Not even every second person is vaccinated here.

Interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD) announced police controls for all of Thuringia. The focus is on the curfew for unvaccinated people and the curfew in restaurants, but also the distance and mask rules.


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