Thuringia: Afghan empties church and destroys Jesus figure

Nordhausen (Thuringia) – When Pastor Klemens Müller (50) looked out the window last week, he believed that the person was at work!

A young Afghan (25) was clearing the pastor’s church in Nordhausen (Thuringia). The fugitive quietly dragged chairs outside, robbed the altar, tore music books and organ literature from the cupboards and did not stop in front of the cross or a figure of Jesus.

The Frauenberg Church in Nordhausen: Here the Afghan emptied everything, meanwhile parishioners have put chairs and inventory back into them

Photo: Marcus Scheidel / MAS picture agency

The responsible superintendent Andreas Schwarze (50) is shocked at how brutally the man acted: “When he tore a medieval crucifix from the wall, it fell down and broke. He smashed the glass of a showcase to create reliefs with depictions of Jesus from the church. Everything gave the impression of being deedicated. “

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Superintendent Andreas Schwarze (50)

Photo: Marcus Scheidel / MAS picture agency

When Pastor Müller stopped the man and confronted him, the Afghan declared: He considered the Christian faith to be wrong. Jesus is not the Son of God.

The church molester came to Germany in 2015 and has lived in the Nordhausen district since 2016. He was charged with trespassing and property damage.

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The Afghan cleared out almost the entire interior of the church, put everything on the street in front of the house of God, as if it were supposed to be picked up there. He had also carried out the altar candles


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SPD district administrator Matthias Jendricke (49) is frustrated

Photo: District Office Nordhausen

District Administrator Matthias Jendricke (49, SPD) is furious about the attack on the church: “It was a targeted attack on our Christian values.” our culture. It is a mistake to think that they would want to integrate well. “


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