Thuringia: 18 dogs rescued from the animal messie house

Saalfeld – They are images that get under your skin. Under the dirty fur, the dogs are emaciated to the bone, their bodies covered with purulent wounds. It is unimaginable what agony the four-legged friends had to endure in the old rectory in Obernitz. Animal rights activists save 18 dogs. Now the owner wants the animals back.

For years the four-legged friends (including Shih Tzu, Maltese) vegetated in cat boxes and baby playpens. They lay in their feces and urine. Again and again, neighbors complained to the veterinary office in Saalfeld-Rudolstadt about the barking and the stench.

Photo: The animal welfare association “Soul Comforter”

When the animal rights activists in Saalfeld entered the animal messie house, they saw a picture of horror. “The dogs had neither water nor food. We had to euthanize one animal, it had two broken legs and maggots crawled out of an abdominal wound, ”reports one employee.

All dogs had purulent teeth, cloudy eyes, sore ears, skin fungus and peculiar fur. “We had to pull all of the teeth of one male dog, three are still fighting for their lives,” said the animal rights activist. Medical costs so far: 15,000 euros.

This male has not been sheared for years ...

This male has not been sheared for years …Photo: The animal welfare association “Soul Comforter”

BILD met the owner Heike M. (61). She cannot explain the shortage: “They are like my children to me. They have always been fine. The vet never had anything to complain about. ”That is why Heike M. wants her animals back:“ If not all of them, then at least my favorite dog. He should die with me. Then I put him to my 12 dog urns. “

The police are investigating M. for severe animal cruelty. The veterinary office controls the animal messie house “since then several times without notice” because dogs continue to “live” with Heike M.

... his fur was full of feces

… his fur was full of fecesPhoto: The animal welfare association “Soul Comforter”


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