Thunderstorm fire in Saxony: house burns after a lightning strike

Grünbach (Saxony) – It’s the nightmare for any homeowner!

During a heavy storm on Monday afternoon, lightning struck a single-family house in the Muldenberg district of Grünbach and started a fire. Around 40 firefighters arrived at lightning speed.

The wooden roof structure burned to a large extent in the lightning fire


Strong: Thanks to the rapid response and exemplary cooperation, “the fire was quickly brought under control,” reports Nils Golla, Muldenberg’s defense chief, and this prevented even worse things. Nevertheless, there was damage of around 50,000 euros.

“A 45-year-old resident was alone in the house at the time and was able to leave it in good time so that she was unharmed,” added a police spokesman.

Teaser picture

40 soldiers were able to prevent the total loss


Golla: “We wish the affected family a lot of strength and all the best for the difficult days ahead.”


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