Through the night to support people running out of gas

Ho Chi Minh CityIn the past two days, Vu Tien Thang and members of his SOS 115 team were almost awake to support the people who ran out of gas and had to walk along the road.

“In two days, more than 20 cases of vehicles running out of gas were rescued on the road,” said Thang, 28, a delivery worker of a company in District 12.

Vu Tien Thang, 28 years old, a member of the volunteer rescue team in Ho Chi Minh City, on the evening of October 10. Image: Minh Tam.

In the past few days, many gas stations in Ho Chi Minh City have run out of gas or stopped selling, causing many people to see cars running out of gas in the middle of the road, having to walk. For drivers who run out of gas in the dark, the difficulty is much higher.

Seeing this situation, Thang and the members of the SOS 115 group divided into two noses, one went around the routes to survey the petrol stations that were still in operation, the other nose went to find people in need of rescue. For two days now, the group has been working at full capacity, everyone only sleeps about 2-3 hours a night because they have to get up at 6 am to go to work.

Thang said, two days ago, while sitting at coffee shop, he met a man named An walking a motorbike. When I asked about it, I found out that Mr. An went to work from Cu Chi to come here and ran out of gas. He volunteered to push the cart to help the man get home in Binh Duong at more than 12 o’clock at night. That day, although he was tired, he received a thank you and a pat on the shoulder from a strange man, making Thang feel happy and warm.

On the night of October 10, Saigon rained heavily in the suburbs, some roads were flooded, many people lost their engines and had to walk. At that time, Thang and his friends in the group were surveying to rescue passersby who ran out of gas, immediately redirected to help people find a place to fix their car.

At 10 o’clock I, after bringing a deaf man home safely, Thang turned to Highway 22, met Mr. Trinh Hoang Hung, living in Tan Binh district, driving a motorbike. Mr. Hung said that Mrs. Le Thi Dieu (his wife) worked as a worker in Hoc Mon on the way home when the car ran out of gas. The road at night is quite empty, there is no gas station along the way or there is also a sign “out of gas”, Mrs. Dieu forced to walk and call her husband to help.

After walking for an hour, he and his wife were fortunate to meet Thang’s team to rescue them in time. He motioned for the man to sit in the car and then started the engine to push the rear. Supporting the couple to get close to home, they found the gas station was still in operation, but there were many people waiting in line. Mr. Hung asked to stop to get gas and told Thang to continue his work.

“During this difficult time, having someone to help is really precious and grateful. Although they are young, they have a very warm heart,” he shared.

Trinh Hoang Hung (blue raincoat) was supported by Vu Tien Thang's SOS team when the car ran out of gas, on the evening of October 10.  Photo: Minh Tam.

Trinh Hoang Hung (blue raincoat) was supported by Vu Tien Thang’s SOS team when the car ran out of gas, on the evening of October 10. Image: Minh Tam.

Saying goodbye to Mr. Hung and his wife at 12 o’clock at night, Thang and his companion drove through Phan Van Hon Street, District 12, instructing people to queue and keep order while waiting for gas.

Thang and his friends’ SOS 115 volunteer group started operating three years ago, with nearly 20 members, operating from 19:00 to 00:00 daily, especially Saturdays working through the night. Initially, Thang only supported people with broken cars and ran out of gas to walk home safely. Later, when he realized that there were accidents that needed emergency care, traffic regulation, or lost people that needed assistance, Thang decided to do it. In order to have funds to help people like Mr. Hung or Mr. An, members of the SOS rescue team all operate out of their own pocket.

Thang said, many nights when he was going to the rescue, the phone rang to call his mother. She was worried that she couldn’t sleep, she had to stay up all night waiting for him to come home.

“I know my family is worried, but I think in the night many people have difficulties without me and so urges my legs to go. Even though I’m alone in the future, I’m still the same, SOS every night to help people stay safe,” Thang said.

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