Three steps to fix a bad day

An effective morning often begins with waking up refreshed, active, personal, and leaving the house on time.

According to productivity coach Alexis Haselberger, UK, when you start your morning productively, you’ll feel energized and get the job done. That sense of accomplishment will keep you motivated throughout the day. Otherwise, you will have a less productive day.

However, even if you don’t start your morning in a productive way, wake up groggy, untidy furniture, don’t want to exercise, a mountain of unfinished business… still there Ways to fix and get inspired.

Pause and restart

Productivity expert Grace Marshall (USA) said that the first step to restarting an unsatisfactory morning is to pause the chaotic mood, help clear the mind to reset the work plan. job. Don’t keep panicking with your unresolved list of things. It’s important not to rush into getting things done in a bad mood and then spend the day procrastinating.

“Take 10 minutes to listen to how you’re feeling and what you’ve been through makes you start your day off bad. Whatever it is, it’s a good idea to reframe your expectations around the day. new,” Marsha said. Experts recommend restarting with physical activity to regain alertness. You can take a few walks around the house, take a few deep breaths, turn on the music and dance to your favorite song…

Change of workday goals

Once you’ve cleared your mind, you need to re-evaluate your to-do list to see what needs to be done right away, and what can be procrastinated without getting you in trouble.

It is important to consider your state of health as well as the requirements for the day to complete in order to create a realistic plan for what will happen, whether it is just completing small errands, or focusing on a big, important job and put other things on hold for the time being.

The key, says Marshall, is to change your mindset: “Think of yourself as a starter now, not a catch-up. Seeing ourselves as a catch-up gives us a sense of continuity. lagging behind, while the reboot feels purposeful.”

Prepare for a more positive tomorrow

If you find that today’s start-up is not working, try to change the status of the next day as soon as possible. Need to rearrange the evening routine to allow time to prepare, that will help everything go more smoothly the next day.

Haselberger advises: “Make sure you plan based on how much energy you have, how much time you have. This allows you to be productive, instead of spending too much effort in the morning and then all day. You need to make sure you use your time wisely, you’re the one taking the initiative, not the reactive one.”

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