Three principles for not buying ‘innocent’ discounted goods

At the end of the lunar year is the time when people shop for Tet, brands also massively reduce product prices, customers are easily attracted and buy back even though they do not know what to do.

According to psychology master Nguyen Xuan Phong (Hanoi), this behavior goes against the traditional consumption pattern. “Normally, customers have to generate demand before buying new things. For example, you are criticized for not being pretty to think about buying makeup”, Mr. Phong analyzed. “Traditional consumption patterns are always going from demand to consideration of options, finally addressing demand.”

Traditional consumption makes customers think twice before buying. In addition to using cash and bargaining, customers think and then make a decision.

However, promotions encourage people in the opposite direction. The consumption pattern is transformed into seeing promotions and purchases. Payment by card or online shopping motivates people to shop without thinking.

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Billionaire Warren Buffett once said: “If you keep buying the things you don’t need, soon you’ll have to sell what you need.”. If you are only engrossed in buying discounted goods, you may accidentally attach yourself to low values, accepting “temporary use” instead of trying to buy what you really need. As a result, wrong decisions cost you more money.

It is impossible to change the modern trading method, but according to Master Phong, you can still reduce “damage” with the following three principles.

Prioritize your needs

“If you don’t need one before the discount, then after the sale, you won’t need it,” said Dr. Phong.

Before deciding to buy something for sale, ask yourself what you really need, whether you use the item at least 3 to 7 times per week. Besides, how will your life change if there are more items and whether this is the best choice, best suited for you.

“You should take a day or two before the promotion to answer the above questions,” the expert advises. “Always keep in mind that buying what you don’t need is throwing money through the window, in the middle of what you don’t need is the garbage in the house.”

High quality

Necessary criteria for a product should be in good order, nice, cheap. A product is considered useful if and only if it helps you with a problem.

“Opening new goods can be ‘happy hands’, but it is only a little joy. Remember that the time you experience that item will determine great joy”, Mr. Phong noted.

Shop with others

When shopping alone, you don’t need to consult anyone. But if you go with someone else, you tend to be more reserved. Before you put a teddy bear in your cart, you’ll want to ask the other person if the item is cute and worth buying. The shopping process will be slowed down by a few beats so the “damage” is likely to decrease compared to when you were alone.

“Finally, do not forget that even if you give away the goods at 0 VND, businesses can survive. No matter how much they claim to benefit, over time, consumers will be the one to suffer. losses the most if the shopping is bluff, “concluded Master Phong.

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