Those who take payment from UPI be careful, thugs are attacking you like this

How to Avoid UPI Payment Fraud : If you take payment from UPI apps like PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, then you need to be alert. Especially when you are a merchant i.e. a service provider or a shopkeeper. Actually, thugs are defrauding people with a new trick. This new trick of cheating is called Payment Spoof. This method is so sharp that you do not even know that you are being cheated. Today we will tell you what is payment spoof and how you can avoid it.

Understand payment spoof

Payment is a fraud in the name of spoof payment, which seems like a successful transaction, but it did not happen. That is, it creates a fake page like the successful transaction page of any well-known payment app. Due to this, the person in front feels that the payment has been done. This is a game of spoof.

How does fraud happen?

This fraud is done from the app. There are many such Fake Payment Apps on Google Play Store. Thugs use these apps to cheat people. Mann one of these apps is Fake Pay. When you open this app, AK page will open in front of you, where there are many options. The thugs click on the first option Go to Fake Pay. After this, some details have to be entered in the page that opens in front of them. For example, here we write the name of the merchant who has to be paid. After that write his phone number. Then the amount to be paid. After this there is an option of date and time, which is adjusted according to the need. The last option is your wallet balance. What you type in this shows the closing balance. It is edited in such a way that no one gets suspicious. After this, the thugs click on submit. As soon as you do this, the same page of transaction success opens in front of you on the original UPI app. The thugs get shocked by showing this.

In this way avoid such fraud

If you take some precautions, you can avoid this type of fraud. We are telling you some techniques, which you should use.

  • If you are a merchant, then get speaker device now for payment. With this, when any payment is made, it says who has paid you and how much.
  • If the speaker cannot take the device, then keep the payment confirmation audio on in the phone itself. On receiving any payment in this, an audio message comes in the phone.
  • If you cannot do any of the above mentioned options, then at least many people show the page of the transaction, then crosscheck it.
  • To crosscheck, go to your UPI app to see if any such payment has been credited.
  • If there is such a fraud, then immediately give a complaint to the police.

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