Those types of people who shouldn’t help

The people who always “play the role” of the victim, who are skeptical or give up in the middle and ignore everything to achieve their goals … are those who should not help but need to stay away.

Sometimes we are our worst adversary when we cannot overcome negative thoughts, cannot overcome emotional trauma. Some people, even with the help of others, cannot change, if they don’t want to. So if we try to extend our arms in support, it’s like taking a step back, going 10 steps back.

Here are seven types of people that cannot be changed:

People who always think of themselves as victims

The person with the miserable “victim-minded” or the miserable “role” is the one who blames everyone, except themselves, especially when things go wrong. They lack the emotional maturity to recognize mistakes and take responsibility for themselves.

These people are always looking for ways to justify their bad behavior. And no matter how hard you try, they will never change. Because in their eyes, they are always innocent people.

Self-righteous people

People who are proud, selfish, always think they know everything, are perfect and don’t need to change or improve anything. In fact, many of them assume that others need to work hard to be better, not me at all.

They are so arrogant and conservative that when someone points out their flaws, they will defend and get angry. These people do not want to change, are always afraid of being imperfect and afraid of facing the insecurity in their hearts.


The type of people you should not try to help are those who are dishonest and deceptive. They live half public, half secret. They try to deceive and manipulate you to take your side or make requests that you cannot realize your real purpose.

So, in the near future, if a person you think is difficult to trust, ask for help, be sure of their purpose and make a decision.


Someone who “defies every trick with nothing to lose” can make you feel pity, but don’t be wrong. These people are willing to do anything just to achieve their goals, even when stabbing their friends back. They don’t respect your boundaries, abuse your generosity, your time and your energy. They always ask for support but never reciprocate.

These people are also very “carefree” taking advantage of the goodness of others against that person. Instead of wasting time helping, stay away as much as possible.

Loyal people

These people easily get angry at small things, choose to confront you and run on the side of people over you or speak badly behind you.

They don’t want to change and get better because they don’t really care what other people are trying to do for them. It is easier for a disloyal person to turn against you than to admit mistakes and to learn.


They doubt everything and all the good things happen to them. They are distrustful, pessimistic, harsh and judgmental. These people are also not optimistic, not grateful to others for sulking and criticizing everything.

What’s worse is that being around them makes you more inclined to act and think like them.


If someone living next to you has a reputation for giving up in the middle, stay away instead of trying to change them. There is no kindness or encouragement that can make them change because they are stuck in the “mentality of failure”. They believe they always lose or think that if they want to succeed they have to work hard, rather “give up from the beginning”.

Whether it’s a relationship, a career or a personal goal, they can’t commit anything. They live unstable, inconsistent, unmotivated and rewarding seemingly effortless only at the beginning.

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