Thorsteinn Einarsson: bid for a personal fan package

Since Thorstein Einarsson almost three years have passed since the last album “INGI”. A time that the artist, despite a global pandemic and the associated burdens, did not let pass unused.

On the contrary – the singer/songwriter took various downfalls as an opportunity to generate even more strength for himself and his musical work. From just this drawing of strength, or even more, the struggle with inner demons and the resulting liberation blows, the already third long player “EINARSSON.” was created.

Thorsteinn Einarsson doesn’t describe his third long player as a concept album, but nevertheless “you should listen to the whole album the first time – from the first to the last track. The arrangement of the songs exudes a very special dynamic, even if they don’t necessarily build on one another.”

To mark the start of Thorsteinn Einarsson’s new album, we have now, as part of the eBay charity auction, in favor of “A heart for children” a great offer for you. Bid for a special fan package consisting of a signed new album “EINARSSON.” on CD, a Dark Side Of Pop Shirt (size freely selectable from S – XL), an Einarsson Longsleeve (size freely selectable from S – XL), a Born On The Wrong Side Hoodie (size M or L) and a Thorsteinn Einarsson lighter.

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Here’s the auction:

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About the new album “EINARSSON.”

The album was written together with his team of producers via various video conferences – so all of the 10 tracks were created in a purely digital exchange, some of them without ever having seen each other in “real life”. A new approach that worked amazingly well and was associated with “boundless digital magic”.

Thorsteinn himself describes the album creation process as a kind of self-therapy. The individual tracks reflect his emotional roller coaster ride, ultimately helping him on the journey to finding a happier path and emotional maturity: “I just have more to say! I’ve grown in recent years and have been able to take the time to do so. I was able to form a clear opinion about life with all its beautiful but also challenging aspects and thus deal with them better.”

Thorsteinn’s music videos build on each other – or tell a big whole. The two already released tracks “Shackles” and “Bridges Burn”, which also accompanied the “Pictures of the Day” as the official Olympic song in Germany (ZDF), are joined – at the same time as the album release – by the new single “Runaway”, with which the music video triology is complete, resplendent with wonderful, stunning imagery from Iceland, his native country.

“EINARSSON.” – the new album by ThorsteinnPhoto: PR

Musically, “Runaway” once again shows us the multifaceted nature, the changeability of the young talent. Danceable 80s vibes accompany us through the fast, catchy pop track and Thorsteinn’s vocal complexity is also impressively presented to us.

“EINARSSON.” – the musical presentation of Thorsteinn Einarsson’s path to self-discovery, with all its branches and mouths. With brand new songs in his luggage, Thorsteinn embarks on his first headliner tour across Austria after the release: new songs, new show concept and well-known LIVE power with the band!

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