This Smart Tracker can save you from losing your phone, tab or any device and key.

Amazon Offer On Smart Tracker: A smart tag or tracker is a small device that can be connected to any phone, tablet, purse, key or any other device through the app. If the device to which it is connected is lost, all you have to do is press the Smart Tracker and the phone will start ringing. Not only this, they also get to know the location. Know about the deals and features of Smart Tags of Samsung and Apple brands.

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1-Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (Black)

Many times phones, tabs, smart watches are misplaced or if they are not found when kept around, then they can buy smart trackers or tags. This smart tag of Samsung is available for Rs 2,699. With this you can easily search Samsung phones, tablets and other devices. It can be connected to Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab, Watch through the app. To search for that device, double press the tag, just that device will ring. Also, it has Anti-Tracking alerts, which triggers an alarm when this tag is detached. when unintended following tag is detected.

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2-New Apple AirTag

You can buy Apple AirTag for Rs 3,190 which can save you from losing phone, keys, purse or any other item. This is a kind of tracker that you can put on any device or any item. It has to download Find My app in the phone, after which it tells the location of the device or stuff on which it is installed. Also, you can enter Lost Mode in Apple AirTag, after which it sends notification when the device is disconnected. This Apple AirTag works with all models of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. This Apple AirTag is water and dust resistant.

Buy New Apple AirTag

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