This new feature of WhatsApp is very useful, will make such video calling fun

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp either brings a new feature or updates its old features to give better experience to its users every few days. This time too, the company has updated it to improve its old feature. Actually, a feature has been introduced for iOS users of the app, through which users will now be able to join moving video calls. For this, they will not need to join on behalf of any other user.

Introduced with this update
WhatsApp has also released a user interface with the latest iOS beta update. This joinable calls feature has been introduced with WhatsApp beta update for iOS devices. The new user interface is also being rolled out for group calling. It is being told that this new user interface will soon be rolled out for Android users as well.

will work like this
Suppose if a user could not join the call at the beginning of the call and wants to join later then that user can join the call with the help of the joinable calls feature or by clicking on the tap to join banner below the call tab . However, the condition for this is that the group video call is going to mean that it is running. If we talk about now, then a user cannot connect with the video call in progress. For this another user has to join him.

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