This heater turns off by auto sensor when a child or pet comes in front, know about this heater

Amazon Offer On Room heater: You will get the option of all types of room heaters on Amazon. Among the expensive room heaters, there is an Oscillation heater from HONEYWELL which heats the entire room like a fan. Also, it has an LED display to see the temperature in which you can set the temperature for up to 8 hours. It closes itself when an object is exposed. For safety, it has tip over and over heat protection. Know the features and price of Oscillation Heater.

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HONEYWELL HCE323V Digital Ceramic Convection Heater, Black, 1500W

If you want best quality heater for home then buy HONEYWELL Heater from Amazon. This heater is two in one in which you can purify the air along with heating. The price of this heater is Rs 51,044.

Buy HONEYWELL HCE323V Digital Ceramic Convection Heater, Black, 1500W

How HONEYWELL Heater works

  • This is a smart oscillation heater which is in the design of a tower heater. Oscillation heaters heat the area by heating the air and they can also be run like a fan when the heater is not needed. Also, they can heat the entire area with spot heating.
  • It has motion sensors that detect when an object is too close and automatically shuts down. Due to this feature, it is absolutely safe for children or pets
  • There is also an auto off tip over switch for safety, which automatically turns off even if it falls, tilts or overheats.
  • It has a large LCD display so that they can operate it easily as well as change any setting of the heat. Remote is also given to operate it, so that you can sit anywhere and set its temperature from the remote according to your own.
  • Permanent dust filters have been given in it so that any kind of dust and soil does not go into this heater and it performs well for many years.
  • This heater has two heating modes so that you can also save energy and the electricity bill will not increase. This heater can be run on low heating mode in which it consumes only 1500W power.
  • The design of this heater is very slim and it is perfect for heating the entire room.

Buy HONEYWELL HCE323V Digital Ceramic Convection Heater, Black, 1500W

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