This Darkwatchman malware is dangerous for your computer, stay away from it like this

Malware Alert : If you use computer more then this news is of your use. Actually a new malware has appeared for the computer. The name of this new malware is Darkwatchman and it helps attackers to give remote commands to the target system. It enters your system without your consent and also uninstalls itself. With the help of this, Cyber ​​Criminals get complete control of your computer. Let us tell you in detail about this dangerous malware.

How dangerous is this malware

According to researchers from cyber intelligence firm Privilion, this malware is a JavaScript RAT ie Remote Access Trojan, which also includes a C# keylogger. The target of this malware is to target the Windows system. This malware is 32KB and the scripts from which it is generated are difficult to detect. Experts say that once this malware reaches the system, it transfers all your data to hackers with the help of remote commands.

Found it in Russia

According to reports, this malware was first detected in Russia itself. There it was used by cybercriminals group to target Russian organizations. Darkwatchman malware has been circulating as ZIP attachments with phishing emails since November.

take these precautions

Caution is the best way to avoid this malware. You should take this precaution.

  • Pay more attention to your email. Do not open the incoming mail from any unknown email id.
  • Do not even download the attachments given in such mails.
  • These are phishing emails, so you should avoid clicking on them.
  • If not necessary, do not share your email ID everywhere or on public websites.


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