This dangerous app is in more than 1 lakh phones, stealing Facebook data, delete it immediately

This is how the app works
The app, which is loaded with Android malware, allows users to upload a picture and turn it into a cartoon. A Trojan (malware) named Facestealer is hidden in this app. This has been disclosed by security researcher and mobile security firm Pradeo. The report states that after downloading the app, users will have to sign in to Facebook to use it. 

However, the spyware hidden in it also bypasses the security check of Play Store. When users sign in to Facebook, the malware may forward the login credentials to the fraudsters. In this way they get complete control over the Facebook account of the users. As a result, hackers can use your profile for any wrongdoing. 

What to do to avoid users

  • If you had also downloaded this app in the phone, then delete it immediately.
  • While downloading any app from Play Store, definitely read its reviews.
  • Do not share your Facebook or bank account details with any unauthorized app. 

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