This company has launched home security cameras, will be able to control with the app

Godrej Security Solutions has launched the most secure range of home cameras ‘Spotlight’ in India. It has been designed and manufactured in India itself. The special thing is that the best data security has been claimed about this home security camera, so that the customer’s home and personal data remain private. The Spotlight range of Godrej cameras uses Amazon Web Services (AWS).

so is the price
The price of the Spotlight range of cameras starts from Rs 4,999, along with the company is also giving one year warranty on it. Before purchasing it, customers can experience the camera virtually on the company’s website. It is available on Godrej Security Solutions’ shop site and on Amazon and Flipkart.

such is the design
Talking about the design, the range of Spotlight home security cameras is quite modern in appearance, it also gets in-built Wi-Fi. The special thing is that you can control the camera remotely through the mobile app. The feature of smooth streaming is also available in this app. The Spotlight range of Godrej cameras uses Amazon Web Services (AWS). This camera series is VAPT (Vulnerability and Intrusion Attack Tested) certified, so that data is protected from cyber threats from the real world. Camera data is stored in AWS (Asia Pacific) Mumbai region with AES 256-bit encryption. This camera series is VAPT certified which means that the data is largely protected from cyber attacks.

Camera rotates up to 90 degrees
Spotlight Pt (Pan-tilt) You can cover a large area by rotating the camera, as it rotates up to 90 degrees and its pan can be up to 355 degrees. This camera has features like 110-degree panoramic view of your space, smart motion tracking, real-time motion alerts, ultra-clear night vision, high-fidelity mic support and intuitive one-touch modes.

it competes with
Godrej’s camera range Spotlight will compete with CP+ cameras in India. Its cameras are equipped with cosmic fiber body as well as night vision technology. It has to be seen how much these cameras can make their mark in the market.

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