Things to keep in mind when making a spa room at home

In modern houses, bathrooms and toilets are no longer secondary works, but can become relaxing places like a spa.

Jacuzzi tub, a necessary equipment for the spa room. Illustration: Ha Thanh

Depending on the situation, a spa-style relaxation room can be a bathroom or a specialized spa room. The owner can equip the appropriate equipment.

Jacuzzi tub

This is the most basic device that can be equipped with a bathtub in a regular bathroom or a specialized spa room.

Jacuzzi tubs come in many different shapes and sizes. There are individual tubs and collective tubs that can sit 4-5 people. It is worth noting with this device that the power source to operate. Therefore, if you intend to use a jacuzzi, during the design and construction process, there must be a standby power source at the location of the tank.

Massage Shower

It can be a fixed shower stall built to the design or a separate shower cabin located in the bathroom. In addition to a main shower that flows from the wall or from the ceiling, there is also a jet system with strong pressure that shoots from the wall or cabin wall; has an impact on the user’s body to form massage therapy.

If not using a pre-made cabin, it is possible to design a faucet system with buried nozzles, but this solution is quite complicated for construction, but in return, a spacious shower compartment can be obtained. If you use a ready-made cabin, the shower space will be limited. The massage shower cabin also needs a power supply to operate the pump system and lighting and sound equipment.


Sauna is another name for a sauna made of wood, using a sauna machine and sauna stones to create heat in the room up to a specific level depending on the user, the heat penetrates the skin to make the pores. Expanded hair helps sweat and harmful substances out.

Other factors

Equipment is the most important, but to have a true spa room, there are other factors such as area, space, vision, material, color, light, sound, scent…

With a family spa room, the minimum area is 8-10 m2, it is necessary to have an opening (window) to the outside space. If the spa room is on the ground floor, it is ideal to have an opening to the garden space with green trees, to create a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

The material of the spa room prioritizes close and friendly materials such as wood, natural stone, etc. Colors should use light colors combined with neutral colors, do not use too hot colors. Lighting needs to combine both natural light and artificial light, avoiding too dark or harsh. Sound and scent, too, must create a calm and gentle atmosphere in the space.

Considerations when making spa relaxation baths at home

Investing in a full and standard spa room, with good equipment, can cost up to hundreds of millions or even billions of dong – not a small amount. If not used effectively, this investment will go to waste. Homeowners should note that having used a spa takes time, but many people are too busy to have time to soak in the tub or sit in the sauna.

In addition, cleaning the room before and after use is also a concern of many owners. Consumption of electricity and water is also a factor that cannot be ignored… Common sense is often that what you already have is easy to get bored, not eager anymore. At that time, people prefer to go out to use the service more, because there are many new things, and moreover, the feeling of being a god.

Architect Nguyen Tran Duc Anh


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