Things that are often criticized are actually good

Mumbling alone, not liking playing with many people… are actions that are sometimes negatively commented on by society but are actually good for your health.

Speak to yourself

Mumbling to ourselves sometimes causes us to be stigmatized for acting abnormally. However, according to experts, this is a good thing. Speaking your thoughts out means getting your thoughts out in the open so you can better organize them.

According to Paloma Mari-Beffa, senior lecturer in psychology at Bangor University, UK, this helps us to increase our reflexes, enhance memory, clarify our ideas to give ourselves peace of mind. more, solve problems faster. It also helps reduce feelings of loneliness and guides us to act more wisely.

A study published in the journal Acta Psychologica also found that self-talk can help your brain function better.

Work alone

Hanging out with people is not only fun, but it also has health benefits. However, a study titled “The Power of Being Alone,” conducted by a group of Canadian researchers, shows that being alone can help people focus on personal priorities, appreciate more relationships and improve future goal setting. This also helps you improve your ability to focus, putting your own interests first regardless of the opinions of others. This also helps you become more empathetic.

Remember, being alone and being alone are two very different things.

Going out alone is not something too unusual but has certain values. Photo: Flashback.

Think long before answering

In a world where everyone’s communication is instantaneous, taking a long time to respond to questions, whether direct or indirect, often causes emotional anxiety and discomfort in the recipient. However, it is justifiable.

Research shows that it is better to take the time to think and come up with the right answer than to say something silly.

Stay away from toxic family members

There is an old saying that “Blood drops are better than water”, but in fact, there are family members who only torment you instead of bringing happiness and joy. Staying away from them is the right choice, because continuing to be close to such people will take a toll on your mental health.

According to research from the Family Tradition and Relationships Lab at Wyoming State University, USA, the best thing to do is accept that some people will never change. You need to set limits, keep your distance and avoid conflicts without losing your self-respect.

Going to bed too early or too late

We often judge people who go to bed early as old, or talk about people who wake up late as too lazy. However, it is a fact that each person has a different life, has their own habits and problems, for example, people who have trouble sleeping, they may sleep late to feel better.

Scientific research shows that each person has a different biological rhythm. Usually, we belong to one of two groups as “early birds” or “night owls”.

Say no to others

Rejecting a proposal we find unconvincing or we simply don’t like can upset others, and can even make us feel guilty. However, saying “No” is not something negative or scary at all. It even boosts self-confidence and helps increase self-esteem.

Change in life

When deciding to change our lives or change our habits, we often get questions like “Why do we do this?” “Why do we do this?” “Is it okay to do this?”… However, the problem The problem is not on your side, but on the reviewer’s side – who have a need to prove themselves and lack self-esteem. No matter what purpose their comments come from (goodwill or ridicule), go on your way and work hard to get what you want.

Do wrong

Mistakes are also part of learning, so criticism the first time you make a mistake is meaningless. In fact, making mistakes means that we gain experience, help ourselves to improve in the future, teach ourselves to be more humble and responsible for ourselves.

Men take care of children, housewives, beauty…

Many classical concepts believe that women are more suitable for taking care of children, cooking, housework… than men. In fact, everyone has enough capacity and function to do it. Taking responsibility for the care of children and the home is normal for both parents.

Some notions also believe that men who wear makeup, apply sunscreen … are feminine, even many people are teased for it. However, if beauty makes men more confident, there is nothing wrong. Even men use sunscreen is recommended, because it not only prevents sunburn, but also helps you avoid skin cancer.

Take time for yourself

Taking a few days off work, skipping gatherings and spending time with yourself… is perfectly healthy and reasonable. Studies say that taking time for ourselves helps us see inward, better understand ourselves so we can do what we want to change.

In a 2020 study published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers found that giving yourself time alone increased activity in neural circuits involved in imagination. Your brain strengthens its creative network to help fill the void, so you’re a lot more creative.

Thuy Linh (According to Brightside)


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