Things not to see when entering the house

There are things that should be seen as soon as you open the door to feel happy, while there are also things that should be avoided immediately, such as mirrors, refrigerators.

1. Refrigerator

Regardless of the size of your house, it is best not to place the refrigerator by the door. Refrigerator is like a wall, placed at the door, opening and closing will indirectly block the way in and out.

The refrigerator can be seen as a place to store the family’s belongings. From a feng shui perspective, if you open the door and see the refrigerator, it’s like seeing the “treasury”, there is a risk of losing wealth, especially for business people.

Refrigerator right at the door is not good for homeowners.

2. Empty vase

Vase is a popular decoration in many families, so it is often displayed in a position where the door is easy to see. However, in feng shui, an empty vase symbolizes emptiness, no people, good luck, causing a rift between husband and wife or a “third” person destroys it. Fake vases, wilted flowers are also said to bring bad luck.

If you really want to, put fresh flowers in the vase to make everyone who sees it happy.

The empty vase should not be seen as soon as the door is opened.

The empty vase should not be seen as soon as the door is opened.

3. Mirror

Nowadays, many people like to put a mirror at the entrance to easily see their body before going out. This type of decoration is convenient, fashionable, but can also cause bad points. Psychologically, after every hour of stressful work, coming home with a tired mood, the lights have not been turned on, seeing a shadow in the mirror for a long time will cause obsession. may affect sleep.

In terms of feng shui, the mirror represents bad luck, will attract bad luck into the door and refract wealth.

Avoid placing mirrors in front of the door.

Avoid placing mirrors in front of the door.

4. Balcony

In the home design of many families, the balcony can be seen straight from the door. This layout is not good, especially when the living room distance is short. The ancients believed that the main door and balcony were the entrance to fortune. If these two directions are opposite, fortune is difficult to keep.

While having an indoor balcony is nice, a straight-door balcony isn't necessarily a good thing.

While having an indoor balcony is nice, a straight-door balcony isn’t necessarily a good thing.

According to experts, it is advisable to hang a painting, a calligraphy on the door. The work shows the style of the owner, and at the same time brings good feng shui for the family.

You can also hang handicrafts, especially red ones, to bring a sense of joy and excitement. When people see the item are happy, blessings come spontaneously.

At the same time, put a pot of fresh green plants at the door, because it will always bring people freshness, refreshment and vitality from nature. You can also choose feng shui plants that both improve your mood and help absorb negative energy.

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