Thierry Déau, the new master of water

“Don’t be fooled, he’s a clever guy” ; “He’s looking for recognition, it’s incredible” ; “He’s an autocrat” ; “What a hubris! “ ; “He loves money” ; “He is a freemason, a networker” ; “Macron’s man for Africa”… But what did Thierry Déau do so that his competitors, the bankers, the Parisian establishment, including people who had barely crossed paths with him, suddenly forget their usual tongue-in-cheek? Obviously, this 51-year-old Martinican is disturbing, especially since he joined the Veolia raid on Suez! With its investment fund Meridiam, it is on the verge of getting its hands on the former Lyonnaise des Eaux (the French part of Suez plus a few international assets) and its 45,000 employees. And no one had seen him coming, except the boss of Veolia, Antoine Frérot, who went to look for him personally. In fifteen years, Thierry Déau has built one of the greatest successes in French finance, which today makes people envious …

Veolia-Suez: in the pipes of the water war

A big clever, then? “A true entrepreneur”, corrects Daniel Lebègue, who headed the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) at the end of the 1990s, before taking the chairmanship of the NGO Transparency International. He spotted this young Ponts et Chaussées engineer when he worked at Egis, the engineering subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, specializing in the design of large infrastructures. In 2005, Thierry Déau cr

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