They were already on the plane: the couple escapes from a Dutch quarantine hotel

The quarantine hotel should actually be heavily guarded …

On Friday, 61 people infected with corona from South Africa were detained at Amsterdam Airport and quarantined in the Ramada Hotel near Schiphol Airport. The concern: you could carry the new Omikron variant! The suspicion has now been confirmed in at least 13.

Shortly after the travelers were isolated in the quarantine hotel, Dutch media reported that the house was heavily guarded. But only a little later a couple managed to escape! Both were able to get through to the airport, get tickets to Spain and were already on the plane before the border police could arrest them again!

The couple is a 30-year-old Spaniard and a 28-year-old Portuguese, said a police spokesman for the AFP news agency. One of the two people tested positive for the virus, said a spokeswoman for the health authority. The other person had tested negative, but was still quarantined.

The police handed the couple over to the health authorities, and they were then re-quarantined. Both are now awaiting a lawsuit for “endangering public safety”.

Police and security forces kept watch at the quarantine hotel, a spokeswoman for the authorities had previously explained. “The security precautions have a reason.”

A few hours before the couple escaped, the Dutch Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge had declared that the authorities in the Netherlands would ensure that the quarantine regulations were adhered to.

Almost all Covid-positive passengers who arrived on Friday with two flights at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are in the quarantine hotel. However, a handful were allowed to go home in quarantine.

Passengers who tested negative were also placed in quarantine at home. “We will check whether they adhere to these rules,” said de Jonge in front of reporters.


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