They dismembered Kai M. (32): Several rocker killers are posing here

They concreted in the head of Kai M. (32), sunk the torso

Several rocker killers pose in this photo

Arrests after a huge raid +++ The SEK rammed a tank into the Hells Angels clubhouse +++ Key witnesses gave the decisive clue

Photo: private

They cross their fully tattooed arms in front of the rocker frocks on their massive torsos, stand confidently with their legs apart, proud. SO six members of the rocker band Hells Angels pose in a photo that Ramin Y. posts on Facebook. He also writes: “Few but Filthy” (few, but dirty).

It’s a nod to the Filthy Few badge. The Hells Angels badge is only awarded to those who have committed or participated in the murder of an opponent or traitor.

Several of the men in the photo were arrested in a massive rocker raid. A key witness unpacked, admitted to having been involved in the dismemberment and disposal of the body of Kai M. (32). All backgrounds, suspects and the huge raid only at BILDplus!


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