These are the prepaid plans of Airtel and Jio cheaper than Rs 100

Airtel Jio Recharge Plan: If you are a user of Airtel or Jio, and you use your number very rarely, then here we are telling you how you can run your number cheaply, we are here to give you plans of less than Rs 100 as well as 28 days Also giving information about prepaid plans.

Jio Recharge Plan: First of all, let’s talk about Jio, unlimited calling facility is being provided in Jio’s Rs 73 plan. Apart from this 2.5GB data is also being given and 50SMS are being received. The validity of this plan is 23 days. Unlimited calling facility is being provided in Jio’s Rs 91 plan with a validity of 28 days. Apart from this, 100MB data will be available daily, as well as 200MB data will be available separately for 28 days and 50SMS will be available. Both these plans of Jio are for Jio phone users. If you are buying a Jio SIM and running it in another phone, then this plan is not for you.

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Jio’s cheapest plan for other users is Rs 119. It is getting 1.5GB data daily with a validity of 14 days. Along with this, unlimited voice calling and 300 SMS are also available. On the other hand, if you want to take a 28-day plan, then you will have to spend at least Rs 209. In this, you will get one GB data daily with unlimited calling and will get 100SMS.

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Airtel Recharge Plan: Airtel’s cheapest plan for unlimited calling is Rs 19. It is getting 200MB data. The bigger plan is Rs 155, in which 1GB data is being available with a validity of 24 days. Apart from this, unlimited calling facility is available. After this comes a plan of Rs 209 in which 1GB data will be available daily with a validity of 21 days. Along with this, the facility of unlimited calling will also be available. If you want to take 28 days plan, then it is Rs 265 in which 1GB data is being available daily. Along with this, the facility of unlimited calling is also available.


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