These 4 features of WhatsApp are very useful from personal to professional life, use this way

New Delhi: WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in the world. Crores of people use WhatsApp in India too. WhatsApp is constantly increasing its features, so that users can provide better facilities. In today’s era, WhatsApp is being used a lot from personal life to professional life as well. Today, you are telling about some such features of WhatsApp which are very useful. You can use them easily.

Advanced Search Option

At present, everyone exchanges many messages, files, photos and videos in a day through WhatsApp. In such a situation, if you want to find any document in WhatsApp, then the advanced search option feature of WhatsApp is great for that. By going in it, you can easily search every document, photo, audio or video shared with WhatsApp. You see this option at the top of WhatsApp. By using this feature, you can save a lot of your time.

WhatsApp Payments

Last year, WhatsApp started WhatsApp payment service in India. It is based on UPI technology and you can create your account by adopting some steps. Through WhatsApp payment, you can send money to another person in a few seconds. This feature is very useful and is giving a lot of competition to other payment apps.

QR Code

When you work in a sector, your contact list grows rapidly. If you say in easy language, then you get in touch with more and more people. In such a situation, you have to save everyone’s mobile number. Now WhatsApp has come up with a new feature called QR Code. By using this feature, you can save another person’s number in your phone in just a few seconds. Your number can also be easily saved by someone using this feature. The special thing is that you can also share your QR code with another person.

Disappearing Messages

Many times you get upset with your chat and your phone storage starts filling up. In this case, WhatsApp’s Disappearing Message feature can help you. You have to turn this option on by going to the person with whom you want to delete your chat. After turning on this feature, chats with that person will be deleted automatically after 7 days. This will give you freedom from the mess of chat. If you are the administrator of a group, you can still use this feature in that group.


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