These 10 hacks are of great use for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp Top 10 Hacks: WhatsApp is constantly updating itself and bringing new new features, but many times we do not know how and when to use these features. Here we are telling you about some such WhatsApp hacks which are easy and knowing you will get more facilities.

with whom did you chat the most
All you have to do is go to the settings of your WhatsApp and go to the data usage and see the storage usage. You will get to know how much time you are talking with a particular person and also the text count.

Create event with WhatsApp
Yes, now you can also create event from WhatsApp. When you share a specific time and date with WhatsApp, it will let you create an event. You can also do this by clicking on the contact to whom you have sent the date and time and select the option of create event. Isn’t this also an awesome hack!

fonts can be changed like this
Earlier you used to send a message in a very simple way, but now if you want, you can also change the regular font of WhatsApp? How, for this, you just have to put three backticks (` ` `) before sending a message to someone and your font will be converted to typewriter fonts. Apart from this, you can also send the message in italics, bold etc.

Create your own group
This is another fun hack that you can use for yourself. To save something, you have to go into the apps and open Notepad to send important notes to yourself? But now you can do all this in WhatsApp also. You just make a group with a random person and then remove it. Just now you can use this group for yourself.

Can use new number
There must be many people who do not want to give their calling number to everyone. If you have recently changed the number or you do not want to share the calling number with anyone, then do not change the number while you login to WhatsApp. WhatsApp asks you to choose the number. Enter the number from which you want to start WhatsApp.

Here is how to make GIF
Did you know that you can make your own GIF too? For this, you go to the option with which you share the photo or video. Now select any video and crop it for 5 seconds. On the right side you will see an option, in which there will be an option to convert this video to GIF. Click it and your GIF is created.

Check who read your message in the group like this
There are many groups on WhatsApp in today’s date. Between office, friends, relatives and so many messages, you get upset. On the other hand, if you have messaged in the group and no one replies, then you can find out who saw the message and who did not. For this, you have to tap and hold on the message sent by you. Now many options will come. Click on the 3 dot on the top right side. Now Info Click on You will be able to check who has read your message.

Can Whatsapp audio video call be recorded?
This is tricky because WhatsApp doesn’t support in-app recording, which means you need to find a workaround. It’s simple for Android phones, where you can use a voice recording app with a WhatsApp call on the speaker phone. It won’t allow you to record video calls, but you will at least have audio. At the same time, you can also use third party screen recorder to record videos.

Write messages like this by speaking on WhatsApp
Many people do not know about this feature. In this feature you can send WhatsApp message to anyone without typing. To use this feature, two options of mic will appear while typing the message. You have to speak your message by pressing the keyboard icon. Whatever you say will be typed. In this way, when you are busy with some work, you can type the message.

WhatsApp Shortcuts
If you chat with someone a lot, you can create a shortcut to chat with him. With this you can send messages to that person without opening WhatsApp. An icon will appear on your mobile with the photo of the shortcut you have selected for the chat. After which you can chat with that person.


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