There is more than a week left for the contest ‘Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook’

The contest “Xo Xeo – Why don’t you cook” organized by the Cooking page of the e-newspaper will end on December 19.

Readers who love to cook can submit their entries between now and December 19. Participating in the contest, readers have the opportunity to create and share home-cooked dishes, recipes, nutritional menus, ingredients, and eye-catching presentation of the tray. .. for a chance to receive valuable prizes.

Nutritious vegetarian dish won the second week prize ‘Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook’.

The third “Xèo Xèo – Why don’t you cook” contest took place from November 22 to December 19 on the Cooking page. After two weeks of the contest, the Organizing Committee received many articles from readers. Some entries were not in accordance with the rules, so they were not posted on the site. In these cases, readers will have more than a week to continue submitting entries according to the program’s rules.

Each week, the Organizing Committee will select two best quality entries, according to the correct criteria for awarding, including: a first prize and a second prize. In which, the reward for the first prize is 2 million VND and a gift from sponsor Vianco; the second prize is one million dong and a gift from sponsor Vianco.

Entrants can share about the happiness of thinking up a delicious recipe for themselves and their families; how to have a quick but good quality meal; presenting an eye-catching tray of rice; make a menu of nutritious dishes; Share how to make delicious cakes…

Readers submit entries here. See contest rules.

Thu Ky


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