Theft of jewels in the Green Vault: arrest warrant against Remmo member revoked

Dresden – In the case of the theft of jewels from the Green Vault, the Dresden Regional Court has overturned the arrest warrant against one of the six urgently suspected members of the Remmo clan.

According to BILD information, this is 23-year-old Ahmed. He was arrested in Berlin in August. The arrest is said to have been based on the fact that mantrailer dogs sniffed his smell at the crime scene.

“The regional court sees no urgent suspicion against the suspect – unlike the district court and the Dresden public prosecutor’s office -” the authorities said on Thursday.

“No squeamish action” Raid with assault rifles and sledgehammers!

Source: BILD


The 23-year-old is still not free: He is still serving his youth sentence for participating in the robbery of gold coins from the Bode Museum in Berlin.

In connection with the theft of the Saxon jewels he remains suspect, it said. The public prosecutor’s office is now examining whether to file a complaint against the decision.

The robbery of jewels in the Green Vault

On November 25, 2019, several members of the Remmo clan are said to have broken into the historical part of the Dresden treasury museum Grünes Gewölbe and stole jewelery there. The stolen pieces are priceless.

Major raid after theft of jewels The expert believes that diamonds have long been reground

The diamond rose set, the diamond set as well as the diamond jewelry and the pearls of the queens (around 100 individual pieces) were stored in the destroyed showcase.

Around a year later, four suspects were urgently caught in two raids, and two more later. They all belong to the Remmo clan.

Burglars plunder the Green Vault in Dresden - infographic

Source: Dirk Sukow


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