Theft in Leipzig: False suspicion in the jeweler search

Leipzig – Three days after the publication of a video of the spectacular break-in into a jewelry store in the Messehofpassage, the police withdrew parts of the footage on Monday.

Reason: A person shown as a suspect who walked through the Mädlerpassage 40 minutes before the break-in had been identified.

Million coup in Leipzig This is where jewelry robbers crash into the jewelry store

Source: News5, Leipzig Criminal Police


It is an employee of a security company and not an alleged accomplice in the coup in which watches and jewelry worth millions were stolen.

The million coup in Leipzig

Last week the crooks raced through the narrow, covered Mädlerpassage with a Mazda CX-5 and a Skoda Octavia from Neumarkt. With the Skoda they crashed full force through the roller door into the shop window of the jeweler “Brinckmann & Lange” in the exhibition center.

Then they smashed the showcases and snatched more than a hundred watches and jewelry before they fled with the Mazda – again through the Mädlerpassage. They left the Skoda at the scene.

“According to the current status of the investigation, several unknown, masked suspects acted in a targeted and prepared manner”, explained a police spokeswoman. The stolen pieces of jewelery have a total value of more than one million euros, and there was property damage to the shop of a good 90,000 euros.


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