The young man works as a ‘child threat profession’

ChinaMany parents are willing to spend money for Luo Qingjun to shoot a video intimidating their children if the child is lazy to eat, refuses to go to sleep or does not clean up the toys.

Luo Qingjun from Lihui, Zhejiang Province, was asked by a friend to play the role of a “bad uncle” to scare his son more. He filmed the video glaring, yelling at you. The child who finished watching immediately obediently. Seeing it worked, this friend introduced Luo to other parents. Since then, the 27-year-old has become a young scapegoat video recording service.

“Bad uncle” takes money from parents. After that, he created a video to call out the child’s name, warning him that if he didn’t listen to his relatives, he would be taken away. Luo’s approach is especially effective for children under 5 years old.

“Have to throw trash in the bin, don’t you know? I will arrest your house if you do not listen to your parents,” the 27-year-old shouted in a video. “If you don’t do homework, don’t eat, or sleep, I’ll come take you,” Luo warned another kid.

Luo’s ferocious expression as he frightened children. Image: The paper.

Many Chinese parents enjoyed Luo’s fierce expression and growling voice. They are satisfied with this service, willing to spend money to scare their children.

“Thank you very efficiently, the kid is asleep,” a satisfied mother wrote on Luo Qingjun’s page. “My three-year-old son was scared the first time he saw him and was obedient,” another posted.

However, besides customers praising the effectiveness, many people worry that this method can cause psychological trauma to the child.

“Emotional intimidation is more harmful than physical punishment and not good for the healthy development of children,” said Zheng Xiaobian, a psychology professor at China Normal University.

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