The world’s most mysterious player blew all marbles away, meeting Phuong Linh in the PBA final

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 08:29 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Fans are hoping that two players Nguyen Huynh Phuong Linh and Hacker will be able to create a “dream final” for the championship of nearly 2 billion VND at stage 2 of PBA. Tour 2021.

Super product that blew away Hacker’s marbles in the match with Kim Jong Won

Besides Nguyen Huynh Phuong Linh, another player who is receiving the attention of many Vietnamese billiard fans in the second stage of the PBA Tour taking place in Korea is Hacker. This player has a unique style of play, considered “the most mysterious in the world” when using a nickname instead of his real name. The most outstanding feature of Hacker is that he wears a mysterious “Hacker Anomymous” mask to compete.

Hackers played very well in the 2nd stage of the PBA Tour

Along with his mysterious style, Hacker is also surprising all the audience of the PBA Tour with his superb billiards talent. After making the biggest shock in the tournament with a 3-0 white victory over famous superstar Frederic Caudron in the 32nd round, Hacker continued his sublime performance with a 3-1 upstream victory over Kim Jong Won in the 16th round.

Kim Jong Won, who previously eliminated Tran Duc Minh in this stage, entered the match very well when he won the first set with a bold score of 15-1. But in the next 3 sets, Hacker played extremely explosively with big series, including a 10-point hit to go upstream.

Especially in this match, Hacker had a super product that caused a “fever” in the tournament when hitting the master ball flying off the table but still keeping the running direction to hit the target ball to score extremely spectacular points. Not stopping there, in the quarter-final match that took place on the evening of September 21, Hacker continued to have a 3-0 victory over Kim Nam Soo to win tickets to the semi-finals.

The most mysterious player in the world blew all the marbles away, meeting Phuong Linh in the PBA final - 3

Phuong Linh is also making a strong impression

The semi-finals and finals of the second stage of the PBA Tour will take place on September 22. Semi-final 1 match between Nguyen Tran Phuong Linh and Im Jun Hyuk will take place at 9am. Semi-final 2 is a contest between Hacker and the famous Spaniard David Martinez.

The final match will take place at 5pm on the same day. The champion received the trophy and the prize money of 100 million won (nearly 2 billion VND). Vietnamese billiards fans are expecting that both Phuong Linh and Hacker can win the semi-finals to create a “dream” final.


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