The woman who hasn’t cut her hair for nearly 30 years

UkraineAlla Perkova last cut her hair 26 years ago, so far her hair is nearly 1.65 meters long.

“People are often shocked when they see my hair. They say I look like a princess in a fairy tale,” 38-year-old Alla shared. She currently works as a hair model and can create 50 different hairstyles.

Alla is 1.6 meters tall but has 1.65 meters long hair, after 26 years of not cutting. Photo: Carters News.

Alla said she did not diet or use any special products, but only inherited good genes from her mother, Maria Perkova.

“My mother is a model of beauty and femininity. At 79 years old, she still has long, strong hair,” Alla said. “I am grateful to my mother for teaching me how to take care of my hair.”

To protect her hair, the female model does not use dyes and always combs gently and slowly. She washes her hair every two days for 10 minutes each time and dries it for half an hour. In the past five years, Alla’s hair has barely grown, but the ends are stronger.

Alla with her husband.  The female model revealed that her husband often helps her comb her hair.  Photo: ZumaPress.

Alla with her husband Eduard Usatiuk in their house. Photo: ZumaPress.

Not only making people around her jealous, Alla’s hair also made her husband Eduard Usatiuk fascinated.

“At first, Eduard didn’t notice, but on the third date, he was surprised to see that my hair was long to the floor,” Alla said. “Now my husband is very proud of his wife’s hair, even helping me comb it.”

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